Tyranny of Dragons

Episode 4, Part 1: On the Road

Way too much loot

All the characters headed back to Greenest to speak with Governor Nighthill. Erik, Dozier, and Brian all stayed back to assist in the rebuilding efforts, and the rest of the crew headed for Elturel, per Leosin’s request.

The trip took 6 nights, and on the way, they encountered quite a bit of unwanted attention. Like, so much, that most people would be crazy to ever travel that road without an Army. Anyways, they randomly encountered 13 wolves, 20 tribal warriors, a Gnoll fang of Yeenoghu with 2 gnoll goons, and finally a Bulette.

The heroes then made their way into town and found The Black Antlers Inn, where they met with Leosin and Ontharr. Ontharr informed them that the town was holding a festival and invited them to participate in the days events the following morning. With some serious DM prodding, the characters went to sleep, but not before being pulled aside by Leosin and being told that it would be in their “best interests” to participate in the next days events.

The heroes stole the show with stunning victories, but I do believe there may have been an upset or two… I can’t remember. Jon was the only one to go to Myrtle’s Girdle and Pixie Parlor, and ended up getting a permanent boost to health, or maybe it was constitution… either way he walked away a happy man.

Then came Mordenkainen’s Magnificent Emporium ::sighs::. This was where the DM clearly made a mistake in calculating probability using independent variables, and everyone ended up with ridiculous magic items. When I say ridiculous, I mean beyond 20th level magic shit. So, now Max has a collapsible ship that he can fit in his pocket, and that is literal, not a euphemism. Nick probably has an AC of 35 and +20 to hit with advantage on everything. Carl can fly? I don’t remember.

After the ceremony, the group met with a thoroughly impressed Ontharr and very happy Leosin and were told more about the Cult of the Dragon, and Tiamat, and world ending doom… yada-yada-yada. The group was also invited to join two of the now revealed factions. Either the Harper’s Guild, or the Order of the Guantlet. Some people decided to join, but again, I have a terrible memory and need to write this stuff down.

So now the travelers are headed to Baldur’s gate, on the way out of town, they encounter Brian and Dozier, and maybe Erik’s racist character if he can make it to TJ’s in a couple of weeks.


Logiver Logiver

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