Tyranny of Dragons

Pre-Episode 3: Flashback

Brian's inclusion: dungeon crawl

Prior to episode three, as the heroes journeyed back towards the entrance of the cave in the raider’s camp. A familiar face emerged from years before: Brian’s character!

Adran, Jon, and Brian’s characters flashed-back to when they cleared out the catacombs of a temple years before.

Here is the gist of what occured:

Priest says, “bad things happen downstairs”

Heroes say, “No problem we kill all bad things”

Adran searches every room meticulously for traps, except the rooms that have traps. When he is able to disarm the traps he uses his whip.

Brian gets a demonic idol that makes Adran uneasy.

Jon renounces his own faith in order to get permanent boost to stats.

They all encounter troglodytes for the first time and figure out what a Frumunda cheese sandwich smells like.

Brian shoots a beholder with an arrow and it turns out to be a spore plant that explodes and poisons him and nearly kills him.

They get some loot, mainly the rug that appears to hold value, but the DM still has to figure out what it is.


Logiver Logiver

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