Tyranny of Dragons

Episode Two: Raiders' Camp

While Langerosa Cyanwrath and his guard were dispatched the most totally amazing way, the majority of the Raiding party had departed prior, taking with it what little fortune the small town of Greenest had with it. The town clerics were assigned triage by a both impressed, and grateful Governor Nighthill. He assigned the heroes as top priority only after the fatally wounded had been treated.

After a couple of hours of helping tamp out the fires, and calm the remaining terrified citizens down, the priests were able to see the heroes. They all sat down and began to feel revitalized by the glowing warmth of healing provided by the cleric’s prayers. The first orange hued rays of sunrise kissed the still dust laden rubble with the same loving care as an undertaker with the recently departed. However, the soft rays that should’ve brought warmth to a new day only acted to solidify the reality of the of the town’s losses.

Governor Nighthill then approached the heroes with another mission. He explained how he lacked the resources to pursue the counter attack, let alone a reconnaissance team, and asked some of the heroes (Adran, Jon, and TJ) to pursue the raiders, and obtain all necessary information while the others remained in Greenest to assist with repairs and the dead.

He tasked the heroes with:

1. Where the camp was sited
2. How many raiders there were
3. Who their leaders were
4. What was motivating their attacks
5. Where they planned to attack next
6. Recovery of anything that belonged to the town
7. Any other pertinent information

The heroes accepted the mission, and the town gratefully supplied them with any equipment that could be useful. Including a spy glass for each hero, that would be returned later.

As the heroes set fourth, they were suddenly approached by a monk. Nesim Waladra was limping heavily on his bandaged left leg. He asked them to locate another monk, his master, Leosin Erlanthar. He had disappeared, in the middle of the night, after a battle with the raiders. He informed the heroes that Leosin had been investigating the raiders for months, and their involvement with a dragon cult.

The large trail left behind, left the path to follow quite easy, and Adran the ranger was able to identify at least 150 raiders were traveling with a large percentage of kobolds, his favored enemy. The group also noticed the tracks heading away from Greenest were substantially deeper than the tracks towards.

Further down the trail, the landscape shifted from rolling green fields to to a more rugged region where steep-sided, rocky plateaus replaced the gently rolling hills. The land between the plateaus jutted fifty to one hundred feet above their surroundings. This was where the heroes encountered their first band of raiders. There were 3 human cultists, and 6 kobolds. The group noticed the kobolds separate from the humans and made their attack against the cultists who happened to be without weapons. After dispatching two of the humans quickly, the third was left for interrogation. Jon rolled a 20 on intimidation, so the interrogation turned into a conversation, like meeting an old friend for a coffee. The prisoner quickly informed the group of the rearguard position about a mile north of the camp. He also told them that the rearguard reported to the camp every hour. Thus, effectively cutting off possibly two hours of the campain. Adran plunged his short sword down the back of the cultist’s neck, severing his spinal chord. The heroes then left for the rearguard, leaving the cultist’s body twitching in the mid-morning sun.

Approaching the rearguard, the group realized a fight would not be in their favor. These raiders were distinctly different from the earlier stragglers. All were dressed in similar black leather tunics with flared, black mantles. These were dedicated cultists. They were positioned in an area where the trail wound through a gap between two 15 foot outcrops, hiding behind boulders that could easily be pushed onto incoming trespassers. There were 2 guards, six cultists, and two acolytes. The team found a simple way to avoid the conflict altogether, and headed for the camp.

Approaching the camp, it seemed rather unorganized. There were beer tents, and general merriment from recent successful raid on Greenest. It seemed evident that word had not reached of Langdedrosa Cyanwrath’s death (since after killing him, Nick, TJ, Carl, Max, and Jon decided to take on his entire escort, and successfully killed every last one of them). Adran, Jon, and Tj all decided it would be best to simply head into the camp, and risk their chances at not being recognized, and they weren’t. TJ decided to turn into an owl, and try to scope out the commanders tent, but was noticed and quickly shooed away by a guard’s spear tip.

The group decided to try their luck at finding Leosin the monk, and found him on a small plateau, guarded with a single tower of four archers. Noticing the archers not participating the in celebrations. The heroes decided to try to distract them by bringing the party to them, with beer. Unfortunately, Jon (the monk with supposed great dexterity) spilled the beer all over himself once in the tower, forever earning him the nickname ‘Spillz.’

This proved to be an asset to their goal, as the guards found it quite endearing. After a couple of rounds delivered by the group, the guards seemed a bit reluctant to participate any further so as to attend to their duties, but Jon made up for his blunder though, by rolling another 20 and convincing the guards to have substantially more beer. Jon decided to stay with the guards as distraction, also because he didn’t trust TJ’s SJW druid to achieve the task without getting into a completely unnecessary heated political debate. This allowed Adran and TJ, ample time to approach and rescue Leosin.

They found Leosin severely beaten, and tied to a stake. He informed them of his desire to stay because he had been learning so much about the bandits and the cult by having allowed himself capture. He informed the group that the leader Rezmir had taken particular interest in him, due to his knowledge of the cult worshiping Tiamat. With some prodding, he reluctantly decided to go with the group. As Adran was fashioning a rather crude makeshift dummy, TJ very creatively thought to cast ‘mold earth’ and create a dirt pile shaped exactly like Leosin, and nick covered in with tattered cloth to look like Leosin’s garments.

Seeing that Leosin had been rescued, Jon dismissed himself from the guard tower under the guise of grabbing more beer. He quickly exited out the back way, up the cliff of the plateaus with the rest of the gang. Any alarm that may have sounded due to Leosin’s escape went unheard, because the group was already too far away on their way back to Greenest.


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